cycling and human 

Paris-Modena™ is an invitation to sportspeople who love challenges to take part in a cycling event unlike any other. As its name indicates, Paris-Modena™ started taking place between these two cities but now is evolving into a journey across beautiful scenarios in France, Italy and other places around the world.

It has not the slightest element of competition, but the aim of seeing things through to the end – together ! In addition to this personal challenge, each covered kilometer raises money for the Rêves association. 

on excellent roads 

The route is devised to guarantee you maximum enjoyment on your bike – the views, the road surfaces, diversity, everything is taken into account ! 

are welcome 

Champions with an international ranking, trained athletes or hobby cyclists, everyone is welcome to take part in this adventure. 
The event is not a competition and there will be no classifications, the only performance that counts is the willingness to enjoy a memorable five-day event. 

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